We recently reviewed “Best Kitchen knife set in India” on our blog at AtKitchen. If you have not read the article, we strongly suggest you do so. However, even if you do have a nice kitchen knife set, you would still want a good chef’s knife in your arsenal. Go ahead […]

Rice cookers have become a must-have household equipment for most families. They bring in convenience and efficiency in the preparation of rice, making them preferred by many. But just what are rice cookers? A rice cooker or in other terms referred to as a rice steamer, is an electrical kitchen […]

With summers in its full swing, many of you would want to purchase a new AC. Amidst the crowd of 20+ brands in the AC segment, Godrej is one of known Indian brand. Godrej offers only split ACs. Energy efficiency is one of the key themes of Godrej air conditioners. […]