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[2500+] Real Girls Whatsapp Number Collection List 2022

How nice it would be if we could talk to some beautiful girls in our spare time! If you have thoughts like me and you want to talk to beautiful girls, then today we have provided more than 2500+ Girls Whatsapp Number for you to chat.

Not everyone is so lucky to have a girlfriend. If you are also one of them then this article can definitely help you. There are also many people who do not even have a girl’s number to talk to.

They want to talk to girls, but they do not have the idea of where to get girls’ numbers or how to get numbers from girls. So for such people, we have provided many Indian girls Whatsapp numbers.

How do Get numbers from girls through social media?

If you connect with a girl on social media and want to get her number, the first thing you have to do is to gain her trust. If you suddenly ask for a number from a girl, she will not agree to give it. Similarly, if you talk to them for some time and make them friends, then the chances of getting the number are more.

You must have also seen that the message of any girl does not get a reply. If the girls don’t get the answer then how to get the number. So for this, to talk to the girl first, you have to send a message in which she shows some interest. You send such a message that he should reply. Example: You looked great in a red sari.

You try to talk to girls as much as possible and when there is friendship then you will definitely get the number.

These were the ways to find out the number of girls on their own. We have provided below 1000+ girls’ Whatsapp numbers, check them out.

Indian Girl WhatsApp Number

Girls Whatsapp Number

Everyone needs friends so that they can talk about their minds. There are many girls who have no friends. They keep sharing their WhatsApp number Girls on social media so that they can also get good friends. Similarly, we have shared the girls WhatsApp numbers on the post. If you have searched for an Indian girl’s WhatsApp number then you can try the girl’s number given below.

Sometimes it also happens that even on messaging on the mentioned number, there is no response. Because there are some girls who stay online for very little time or have changed their numbers. If you do not get a reply from any number then you can try another number also.

But do pay attention to one thing. Talk to anyone politely. Every girl likes a humble boy. That is why you should talk well about the number given below, which brings you a good image in the mind of girls.

Here is the Indian girls Whatsapp number list –

NameAgeWhatsApp No.
Sonali 19 years+9164538007
Jyoti21 years+91888354688 23
Nidhika20 years+9164893007 34
Sandhya18 years+91473930969 24
Srabani Thakur26 years+91 7681891747
Tanuja Samal21 years+91 9654766051
Shanaya24 years+918563094628
Sunita Majhi20 years+91 9654766051
Aradhya19 years+9180932136684
Reshma23 years+916031504522
Tanu21 years+916031504545
Hia18 years+918054352629

Desi Girl WhatsApp Number

Below you are given the desi girls WhatsApp number with their name. But we do not have an idea of how accurate the given names are.

Before talking to the number given below, remember one thing girls always like genuine boys, that’s why always talk to them well. So here is the desi girl WhatsApp number list

Deepa+91777883638 24
Priya+9136480966 24
Rubika+91593749474 24
Sandhya+91473930969 24
Poola+9144 567 7891 12
Nini+91 636480966
Kalpna+91 8503726783
Rashmi Samal+91 9374728374
Chumki+91 2593749474
Usha+91 364893007**
Nini+91 636480966**

Tamil Girls WhatsApp Number

Do you want to make friends with Tamil girls? So below you have been given Tamil girl’s Whatsapp number.

Tamil girls are very good at heart and they are always in search of good friends.

Below we have shared beautiful Tamil girl numbers for you, most of which are active users. The most important thing is that the chances of getting a reply from these girls are high.

  • BANU – 8056268567
  • Shanmuga Priya – 9976980376
  • DHANALAXMI – 9566601186
  • Renu – 6377394758
  • Manju  – 860721213 24
  • Shri – 96773947**
  • Radhika – 700263***
  • sridevi – 8344804632
  • Aaliya  – 264012407
  • Aasha – 809662002
  • Sunita Majhi – 9654766051
  • Anisha Biswal – 6798754735

Real Girl WhatsApp Number

Are you looking for Real Girl WhatsApp Number then we have provided real girls Whatsapp number list for you? Have a look

Honey Sahoo22+91 8777883638
Harapriya Pradhan21+91 9654766052
Sarita Hota20+91 8503726783
Monsoon Samal21+91 8888354688
Srabani Thakur26+91 7681891747
Tanuja Samal21+91 9654766051
Harapriya Pradhan24+919654766052
Nirupama Khan22+91 9654766054
Pari Soni19+91-6382791736
Anisha Biswal21+91 6798754735
Anupama31+91 87230*75**

Bangladesh Girl WhatsApp Number

Bangladesh is the border of India. Bangladeshi girls are very beautiful. He likes a romantic guy very much.

There are many Bangladeshi girl’s groups on the internet where you can find their numbers. But many of them are fake too.

We have shared below for you Bangladesh girl WhatsApp which is taken from many resources.

We hope that you will be able to talk to him and make deep friends.

Mitali+91 890556855
Shabbona+91 782747503
Reshma+91 86781346
Punam+91 879214811
Roopa+91 7681891747
Sarita Devi+91 8503726783
Samal Devi+91 8888354688
PAYAL+91 766689005

How to Find Girl’s WhatsApp numbers on Social Media

We have shared many girls’ WhatsApp numbers above. But the problem is that many visitors come to our website daily. In such a situation, think for yourself, if every boy will message this number, then it is not possible for a girl to reply to everyone. In such a situation, the chances of you getting a reply from them will be very less. And many girls block too.

But if you want, you can also find the girl’s number by yourself. For this, first, you have to join any social media account like Facebook, or Instagram. There you’ll find all the dating groups where you might be able to get girls’ numbers.

You can join these dating groups, go to the girl’s profile and get the Girl WhatsApp number from there. If you do not get the number on the profile, you can message them.

You can propose they become friends by going to chat. If you become a friend, then by communicating slowly, you can ask for the number from them, due to which the chances of getting the number will be more.

You can try this technique on any social media.

Girls Whatsapp Number App

Everything is present on the Internet today. You can also get a Girls WhatsApp number through the app. For this, you have to go to Google Play Store.

There you will get to see all the apps by searching girls Whatsapp numbers. Which you can install on your mobile and register on them and get the WhatsApp number of girls.

But the important thing to note is that many of these apps are also fake, so you will have to work a little hard to find the real one.

Disclaimer: Every single piece of information given here has been taken from any blog post on the internet. This article has been created for informational purposes only. We have no idea how genuine all the WhatsApp girl numbers mentioned here are. If you talk to them and there is any problem, you will be responsible for that. I or our team will not be responsible for this. If you talk wrong to a girl and she complains against you then only you will be responsible for that. Our aim is to give information through articles only. There is no motive to make any girl’s identity viral. We do not support taking any girl’s number without her permission. If you think that your number has also been added to this list then mail us. We will remove it.

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So, friends, we have shared many girls WhatsApp numbers above.

Friends, I hope you liked this article. If you still have any doubt, then you can ask us by commenting.

Our team is always ready to reply to you.


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